March 4, 2020

The "fake djs" have finally run out of hours: the Ghosts'n DJs video game fights against them, for real talent. Baroque scenographies, pyrotechnic games, unworthy little shows and reckless use of the microphone: more and more characters are resorting to subterfuge and gimmicks in order to mask their total absence of musical talent once in the DJ booth. Ghosts’n DJs is the video game that fights against this real scourge that afflicts electronic music. The reality of the djing world is now full of bored rich people who come to pay their presence as special guests behind the best world consoles, even though they have never been part of that world. The result is a horde of puppets, with many effects and little substance, which instead take the place of valid artists from much more modest (economic) means. At least virtually, however, a small and ironic revenge has been achieved. Ghosts’n DJs (watch the game trailer HERE) bears the signature of Daniel Manzano Salazar aka Dr Kucho !, DJ and Spanish producer. The game lets you face five enemies, each of them heading their own level, to finally end the plague of fake DJs. The gameplay is basic, exactly as the graphics made of pixels, which is very reminiscent of the games of the 90s (titles like "Contra" or the first chapters of "Mortal Kombat" perfectly make the idea). Our protagonist, who remembers Dr Kucho! on a physiognomic level, he will cover levels full of enemies, which he will have to gradually defeat by throwing them in the shape of a vinyl disc.


Each level will be dedicated to one of the four main enemies: Devil Goata, Paul Douchebag, Paris Sheraton, Steve Karaoki and Pete Bullshit. It is impossible not to notice the reference to the well-known Pauly D, Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki, Pitbull and David Guetta, whose names and physical features have been camouflaged and caricatured to shape the main enemies. These enemies have the aim of destroying music and culture in the world of clubbing, making use of an evil artifact known as "plantilla". The mission of the protagonist, therefore, is to find the plantilla, forcing these fake artists to live only on their talents, "they will be able". The vinyl record used as a bullet is just one of the many allusions, which we would more willingly call "goodies" than the video game. Finally, it is worth dwelling on the title of the game. Ghosts'n DJs is a tribute to the main inspiration from which Kucho drew for this creation, that is, an old video game called "Ghosts' n Goblins". But it does not end there, because it is easy to recognize in Ghosts'n DJs the similarity with "Ghosts'n Stuff", song by the producer Deadmau5, not new to critical positions towards the fake artists behind the consoles. To confirm this, Deadmau5 itself is, in its own way, present in the game: the protagonist will, in fact, be able to use the unmistakable mouse-shaped mask to help him in the fight against enemies in particularly critical moments. It looks like Dr Kucho! has found a way much less sterile than the controversy to fight the right battle against the "talent of money", which seems to be the only art well mastered by some characters. And you, what are you waiting for to fight? You can download the game for free by clicking HERE.


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