Some words about me from people from all around the world .... -"She played from the age of 15, she had a radio show already , on a national radio!!! She impressed me from her avangardist taste and such a young age but she always knew what she was doing, and never change her style because of the mood of the moment... And she was right! world is so about this deep sound mix with any kind of style jazz, rock'n'roll, anything, you just have to keep it, how she call it "ChikiChiki"!! -"Image is almost as important as music skills these days as the rising success of female DJs such as Tania Vulcano, Scarlett Etienne and Karmina Milojevic demonstrates. Looks can only go so far, principally in gaining DJs opportunities. Its not that easy either to be beautiful and face the crowd, because if you fail music-wise you will get the usual comments of Shes only booked because she looks good; or worse, -(he pointed out).- "Karminas looks obviously help for first bookings, but then...Her music speaks for itself!! " - "The Swiss/Argentinean label Darek Recordings finally presents its sixth reference. This time we’re introducing a sweet and talented young lady who was remixed by Mathew Jonson in 2007. Her name is Karmina and she delivered two smashing powerful tracks and yet very feminine, the perfect mixture for the end of this year. Something warm for the cold Winter days. Karmina loves to say that there’s no life without music, and that’s why she worked really hard to present these new melodies that explore House and Techno with a very personal and delicate touch. This EP is nicely balanced and offers many different styles and influences. Both original tracks are joyful, punchy; it’s like feeling many emotions at the same time. Jandroide aka Alejandro Lopez and our buddy Mike Wall are in charge of the remixes and they both made excellent interpretations and gave another vision of these tracks." www.residentadvisor.net/dj/karmina

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Dsgn by Cristian Farfa