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MOMEM won't be a Museum. No Museum in the classical sense. It’s a Place in the Here and Now. An Experience which will sensitise for various electronic aspects of Life. Sound, Fashion, Instruments, Apps, Clubculture, Spaces, medial Surroundings, Interaction,… Most of which arose and arise from music. Electronic Music. A Journey from the Beginnings via Today into the Future. And to the international places of Event. Frankfurt in it's center.

Frankfurt, Inner City Life - In the heart of Frankfurt, a memorial of contemporary cultural history will emerge. A History, which originates from our city. A History, which enhanced pop culture and music. Consequently always in reference to a technologized electronic society. Techno and the wide spectrum of electronic music, which developed from it and still does.

Therefore we now set up an Institution and build a Site of Event, a Contemporary Museum. The exceptional museum landscape will be completed by a worldwide unique project.

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