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Actualizado: 31 de mar de 2018

Interview to Davide Avallone, CEO and founder of Ibiza Talent

Tonight Ibiza Talents will celebrate its 6 anniversary with a showcase at STK, with the music of Cristian Viviano, Dj Dep, Eder Alvarez, Yulia Niko. Davide Avallone, founder and Ceo of Ibiza Talents, tells us how is born the project, both the party and the label and what it means to be an “Ibiza talent”.

How Ibiza Talents is born, what is the genesis of the project? And what about its first steps in the Ibiza music scene?

Ibiza Talents was born in 2012 at Pacha. At that time I was working as PR. We were always asked to bring new ideas or invite new djs to play, so I thought to create my own party. I worked hard on this project. The idea was to create a party where you can still hear good music, famous djs and emerging artists together. I still remember the first Ibiza Talents party with Neverdogs. Now they are resident of the Music On.

How does Ibiza Talents put together its essence of being a party and a record label?

All the Ibiza Talents djs are also producers, so it was a natural choice for me to create also Ibiza Talents Records. Only those who play at the party have the chance to come out on the label, in order to spread their own uniqueness and identity.

Why Ibiza? Would you explain us something about the meaning of the "ball pagés" dancer logo? Why did you choose this character to represent Ibiza Talents?

Ibiza is the place where I live and it is also the place where all the djs wants to play, so there was no better place to give birth to my own party. The Ibiza Talents logo is inspired by the ibicenco pages with its talent in traditional and cultural dance, who represents the island of Ibiza, so... Ibiza Talents!

What about Ibiza Talents djs, what makes them "talents" of Ibiza?

All our djs are related to Ibiza for music reasons, some live here during all the year, some were born in the island. They all know each other while having different music influences because they are connected by the music and by the sound of the island that stands out in the rest of the world.

What are your plans for this 2018 season, what should be expected from the Ibiza Talents and from the island?

Ibiza Talents has always been a winter party. I also had the opportunity to bring the party around Europe, such as in Italy and Russia, with excellent results. For the moment I prefer to make grow Ibiza Talents gradually, both as a party and

as a label. I prefer to face up to a summer season with a solid and proven base, this is my dream. It’s not easy to organize events especially during the winter in Ibiza and still score good results, I am very proud of it. I hope to see you this night at STK to celebrate all together our sixth anniversary, thanks to all our friends for their support!

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