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We are really happy to announce our collaboration for this first event "Ibiza record".

Do not miss the live streaming from 00:00 to 4:00 cet on our networks w/ R2D2 (Ibiza Record) , CLOCK (Madtech / Flashmob) and special guest ALICIA ( Berlin).

Southern Italian born Alicia developed a strong affinity for dance and electronic music at an early age. Beginning her classical training on the piano at the age of 5, she has used her musical upbringing as the launchpad for her DJ career. Her experience of living and working in multiple countries - from her hometown in Italy to London, Spain, Hong Kong, Dublin, San Francisco and, now, Berlin - has exposed her to broad range of techno and house music. Inspired by this, she began contributing to the body of music she loves through regular performance as well as the curation and production of nightlife events, an annual festival and other artistic performances.

Alicia’s formative years were spent surrounded by the classical and experimental songs of her father’s record and cassette collection from his time as a DJ, and the orchestra performances she regularly attended in the local theatres. A precocious musician, she soon began composing and by the age of 12 was performing across Italy. A few awards and exams later, she earned her Conservatory diploma at the age of 16, which also marked the time she left Italy to study and work abroad.

Her DJ career began in earnest in 2017 through a series of sell-out shows at San Francisco’s Public Works through her own creation: the Because Techno event series. The inspiration for these initial shows came from her desire to educate and create a space for people to fully immerse themselves in the techno genre. Each event in the series was constructed as a chapter to explore one subgenre of techno and electronic music, with live instrumental accompaniment at selected performances. These shows were also characterised by a spectacular and growing visual component, drawing on influences from her family’s architectural and light-art heritage. Her initial success in San Francisco led to invites to perform at other clubs in the city as well as in NYC, LA, and Colombia, and a number of private and public music festivals in California, Nevada, and South Africa.

In 2018 Alicia founded Arboria TechnoLabs, which took the visual and sound production component of Because Techno to a new level. With the same educational roots as its predecessor events, Arboria focuses on building venue, visual, and artistic partnerships to create entirely immersive environments through comprehensive visual and structural production. Alicia has also found unparalleled success as a festival organiser. In September 2017 she launched Expansion Festival, the first non-profit 24-hour techno music festival in California.

In her short career, Alicia has quickly proved to be a capable performer beyond her years and her distinct sound has found a unique place in the hearts of her followers. Influences from classical music, 90’s house and Italian afro house drive her musical journey and the journey of her mixes. Her music has been described as driving and melodic and her sets ethereal and fun, always with an element of surprise.

Alicia has recently started dedicating her time to music production and getting back to her piano compositions. www.facebook.com/AliciaMusik

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