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Through his long career over 20 years as a DJ and a track maker, Fumiya Tanaka has been the most prolific artist on the front line of the Japanese Techno scene.

His signature DJ style unfolds in simultaneous response between the sound with solid groove and the dance floor is extraordinary.

Still the floor orientated simple groove prevails, his recent works and his selection of the music has been refined after his experimental and more housy groove music under the aliases as Karafuto or Indivisual orchestra towards furthermore musical expantion.

The various elements are combined in his sound and sometimes two opposed elements exist in a minimal format which is a reflection of the inovator's desire to seek the new possibilities.

After moving to Berlin he performs worldwide including his local Panorama Bar in Berlin and other parties and festivals in Europe i.e. England, France, Romainia and Russia.

On the other hand he has been organising his own party in Japan called Chaos for over a decade. He regularly plays in Japan and his long dj set at Liquid Room on every New Years day.

In recent years his creative works are on his own label, Sundance. Also has released works by Dirtrixx which is a collabortive unit with Radiq and other Japanese artists on the label called op.disc co-run by Yoshihiro Hanno a.k.a.Radiq.

Through his Torema Records, the pioneer Japanese Techno label run by himself, he released the last of the trillogy of Unknown possibility series, Vol.3-3 and "20th" marking the label's 20 years history. He released a 12 inch single and a album on the infamous Perlon label which is run by Zip and Sammy Dee who regular Djs for his event Chaos.

Other remix works has been done for Vlad Caia, Easy Change, Nastia to name but a few. He acts as a Unit, Tofu Production with Thomas Melchior aka Melchior Productions and releasing their own single and remix works.




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