Ilario Alicante

2h 22min   |   Techno  |  Ibiza 2018 

Born in Livorno, Italy in 1988. From a young age Ilario’s passion for music was evident and unstoppable. He improvised at producing music in his bedroom with equipment he pieced together himself, and instinct drew him further into the world of electronic music with all of its many shades and secrets.. But Ilario embodies positive energy and nothing could stop his insatiable desire to travel and increase his knowledge and understanding.

Primarily a clubber at heart, he lived the nightlife dancing in the best nightclubs in Europe, mainly in Germany and, obviously, Ibiza. From there, Ilario saw the light. He was able to synthesize his musical vision (combined with the feeling he believed the dancers were experiencing on the floor) into one track, his breakthrough hit - ’Vacaciones En Chile’.

It was 2008. And the birth of the artist Ilario Alicante.

US | Sankeys Ibiza