1h 11min   |   Amnesia   |  Ibiza 2018 

Amnesia Ibiza

When work and perseverance join in something as sublime as love of music, it born the perfect 'equalization' to emergence of new talents who are called to succeed.

Cuartero was born just over two decades ago in Malaga, and although did not live in the pure analog era, he wasfamiliar with the essence of the old school, whichinfluence him later to define his own style.

His concern about investigating new sounds, textures, structures... It have the reason why his productionsbecome to be recognized from the first beats when theyare mixed it. Also, with his last reference in Hot Creations, he has scored a ‘hat trick’ of top labels releasesin less than 6 months (Moon Harbour, Desolat, Hot Creations).